Haven (havenclub) wrote,

Haven Club is going bi-weekly as of January 2011


So due to the changing times & economy, Haven Club will be going bi-weekly as of January 4, 2011.

This means you can still find us every other Tuesday, spooking up the Valley at Diva's Nightclub!

Our first party with the new schedule on January 4 will be BLOODLUST, our Vampires Ball with DJs Znuh, Dirge, & Xero!
We will have a costume contest at midnight & all of the same mayhem you have grown to know & love at every Haven Club event!

The next party after that will be our annual Masquerade Ball on January 18!

Hopefully the new schedule will not throw you off too much. You can always check here on the website to see upcoming events & dates. I know it will be tricky to figure out at first, as we have been a weekly event for over 14 years, but hopefully this change will only make Haven stronger & our parties even more special!

Thank you for your ongoing attendance & support!

This change is in no way set in stone & if we are able to in the future, we will return as a weekly event. Just spread the word (so none of your Havenite friends will drive out & have to go across the street & bowl in their vinyl & fishnets!)

Remember, Haven is your night, & is only as strong as you make it!
*biggest hugs*

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